Darshan Ganatra

Darshan Ganatra comes from a diverse technical background with more than 15 years of experience in the field of Information technology.

Darshan Ganatra
Director & Consultant

Know about Darshan

He started his career at Vsoft services Pvt Ltd, he helped write software for various regional language applications here. He then moved to Electronic Data Systems as an application support specialist.

In 2009 Darshan incorporated IMDS Experts Inc which has been providing IMDS consulting services to more than 200 companies’ world over, including companies like, Ficher Automotive, Leggit & Platt, Federal Signal and many more. At Lumous Consultancy he now also offers specialized services related to REACH, ROHS, PPAP & CAMDS.

Darshan has over the years brought together a team of experienced Engineers capable of delivering cost-effective and efficient solutions to the ever changing environmental compliance domain.

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